Guidelines for Student Organizations

NOTE:  Information concerning student organizations is subject to change based on revisions to the Student Organization Leadership Orientation (SOLO) manual.  For the most up-to-date-guidelines and procedures, refer to the SOLO manual.

General Procedures

  1. Each club/organization, to be a recognized campus organization, must have a proper form that has been approved by the Student Activities Office and the Dean of Students Office.
  2. Each club/organization must have a constitution on file with the director of Student Activities which states its purpose, its rules for operation and other pertinent principles. Revisions must be submitted to the Student Activities director.
  3. The policies and objectives of the campus organization must be consistent with those of the college and the constitution of the Student Government Association. A copy of a sample constitution may be obtained in the Student Activities Office.
  4. Each club/organization must maintain a membership of regularly registered students.  Membership lists should be on file in the Student Activities Office.
  5. The club/organization must select from among the staff or faculty of the college an individual who agrees to assume the capacity of the advisor.
  6. The club/organization must schedule all social and service functions and meetings through the director of Student Activities.  (See procedures for requesting approval of projects.)
  7. The club/organization must adhere to all college policies and standards.
  8. The club/organization must maintain an active program and fulfill its stated purposes.
  9. No student may be excluded from membership because of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, disability, sex, age, religion or sexual orientation.
  10. Student clubs/organizations are encouraged to require all members to maintain a GPA of at least 2.0.

Procedures for Establishing a New Organization

  1. Obtain at least 8 students who are interested in forming a club.
  2. Obtain a faculty or staff member who is interested in serving as the advisor.
  3. Obtain “Request to Organize” and “Advisor Form” from the SGA office or the director of Student Activities.
  4. Complete these forms and submit them to the director of Student Activities along with a statement of purpose for the proposed organization.
  5. Submit a proposed constitution or bylaws to the director of Student Activities.
  6. After approval by the director of Student Activities, the request is submitted to the dean of students for approval.
  7. After final approval, the organization will be notified.
  8. Within three weeks after approval, a constitution must be submitted to the director of Student Activities. Recognized clubs and organizations may petition the director of Student Activities for funds for specific programs if they so desire. Approval of funds is based on several criteria, including availability. Organizations whose objectives are strictly social in nature will not be approved.

Procedures for Requesting Activity Proposal Approval

All student clubs/organizations and classes acting as student organizations must observe the following procedures before engaging in any fund-raising or other special projects.

  1. Submit an Activity Proposal to the director of Student Activities at least two weeks prior to the proposed event.
    • Project Proposal forms are available in the Student Activities office.
  2. Proposal to include the following statements: 
    • Description of proposal
    • Purpose
    • Charge (if applicable)
    • Proposed date(s) and place(s)
    • Signature of president of organization
    • Signature of advisor
  3. If the proposal is approved, the director of Students Activities will be available for advice and some assistance. The sponsoring club/organization will be responsible for conducting the project in a manner that will be a credit to the college.

Procedures for Reserving Meeting Areas

  1. Meeting rooms may be reserved for student groups recognized by the college by contacting Evelyn Westfield at (864) 250-8102. The reservation must be made by the advisor or the student organization’s president.
  2. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in all classrooms and/or meeting rooms.
  3. The club/organization’s advisor is responsible for the activities of an organization that will be using college facilities and should see that all regulations for their use are followed.


All notices to be placed on campus bulletin boards by student organizations must be cleared through the office of the dean of students.

Publications may be placed on the LCD Panels in the Student Center for additional publicity and should be submitted to the director of Student Activities.


The college cannot assume responsibility for any debts incurred by an individual organization.

  1. No student organization can solicit funds from the community in the name of Greenville Technical College.
  2. Other donations may be solicited upon the approval of the director of Student Activities and the GTC Foundation.
  3. Fund-raising projects must be approved by the director of Student Activities and dean of students.
  4. Under no circumstances will any student handle college funds for any reason. Any transaction involving money must be handled by a staff member in that area.
  5. Student Organization accounts must be set up with the Greenville Tech Foundation Office.