Mission, Vision & Values


Greenville Technical College is recognized as a world-class learning institution where students from all backgrounds and life stages find flexible career and educational opportunities of the highest quality and value. By collaborating with community and business leaders, the college is a primary driver of economic growth through workforce development.


Greenville Technical College transforms students’ lives and helps our community thrive by providing a world-class, affordable education to students and building an educated, engaged workforce committed to life-long learning.  


Greenville Technical College is committed to the following values:

Learning: We are committed to providing transformative learning opportunities that enable individual and community achievement and that are affordable and accessible for all members of our community and promote a culture of life-long learning.

Integrity: We believe trust is an essential element in a safe and effective learning environment, so we promote and foster openness, honesty, respect and fairness.

Diversity: We recognize and celebrate diversity, so we value and support considerate, meaningful communication and inclusiveness in collaborative decision-making processes.

Cooperation: We value collaboration and teamwork, so we foster caring, professional relationships among students, employees and our community in an effort to expand partnerships.

Excellence: We value continuous improvement, so we encourage innovation, creative problem-solving and responsible risk-taking as we act courageously, deliberately and systematically to enhance and enrich our learning environment and our community.

Accountability: We value students, faculty and staff, so we recognize their contributions, encourage their professional development, and regularly evaluate performance to improve learning outcomes, programs, processes and services.

Service Excellence Vision

Greenville Technical College creates economic security by transforming lives through access to services that consistently surpass student and business expectations. Good service is an expectation. GREAT service creates loyal customers who recommend GTC to their family and friends. Service that SURPASSES expectations is what we strive to achieve at GTC.  

Role and Scope

Greenville Technical College is one of the largest public two-year colleges in South Carolina. The college provides exceptional learning opportunities primarily to the residents of Greenville County.

Curricular offerings include (1) certificates, diplomas and associate degrees in business, computer technology, health sciences, engineering technologies, advanced manufacturing technologies and public service; (2) university transfer courses, associate degrees; and (3) an Applied Baccalaureate in Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

The college also provides an extensive offering of continuing education courses for occupational advancement, change of career opportunities, entry-level career training and personal interest, as well as economic development services that encourage business and industrial growth in a diverse economic community.

The college offers an array of transitional courses to serve academically under-prepared students seeking to enter a program of study. Upon completion of their educational goals, the majority of GTC graduates are either employed in fields related to their programs of study or transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Since Greenville Technical College is an open admission institution, students come from diverse socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. The college provides an affordable education through traditional and distance learning delivery methods for flexibility in scheduling times and locations convenient to students.

GTC faculty and staff are student-centered, accessible and highly recognized in their fields. The college offers various educational support services to facilitate the teaching/learning process and to enhance the academic and personal development for all students including an emphasis on articulation with local high schools and other colleges and universities.

Strategic Imperatives

Greenville Technical College (GTC) has five imperatives that guide the college in achieving our core mission of teaching and learning:

  1. Teaching and Learning
    The college provides an engaging, innovative learning environment anticipating and responding to our changing community and students’ diverse needs.
  2. Student Access and Success
    The college empowers and engages students to progress towards their goal(s) through innovative practices, processes and policies.
  3. Employee Support and Development
    The college is committed to a diverse, professional, knowledgeable and high-performing workforce.
  4. Operational Excellence and Accountability
    The college ensures operational and service excellence by exceeding internal and external customer expectations.
  5. Community Leadership
    The college drives community success through high standards of education, stakeholder partnerships and shared resources.