Placement Testing

Students applying for admission to Greenville Technical College’s associate degree, diploma or certificate programs may be required to take the placement test. The purpose of the test is to ensure that each student is academically prepared to enter a chosen field of study. Based on test scores, a student may be placed in one or more transitional courses designed to prepare the student for successful entry into the chosen field of study.

The placement test is a computerized, adaptive test used to assess reading, writing and math skills. The test is not timed; however, it takes an average of two (2) hours to complete. It is offered Monday through Friday. For more information about the testing schedule, contact the Admissions and Registration Center (ARC) at (864) 250-8000 or visit

Testing with accommodations is available for students with disabilities. For more information, call Student Disability Services at (864) 250-8202, 250-8408 or the V/TTY at (864) 250-8353.

Faculty members from the Transitional Studies department are available to help students prepare for the placement test, and the Placement Testing web site offers free resources.

Applicants must take the placement test to help determine placement into GTC courses; however, they may be exempt from taking portions of the test if they have:

  • taken the SAT exam and received 480 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion (waives reading and writing) and/or 480 on the math portion (waives math placement1).
  • taken the ACT exam and received an English sub-score of 19 (waives the reading and writing) and/or a math subscore of 19 (waives math placement1).

Test scores are valid for five years from the date taken.

Non-degree seeking students who plan to enroll in a math or English course may be required to take the college’s placement test or submit an official college transcript showing acceptable English and/or math credits from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution.

Entry into the college does not guarantee admission to the program desired by the applicant. Placement in a specific course is based on standards that will help to ensure the applicant’s success.

The college reserves the right to modify admission policies and procedures as needed.

Placement Based on High School GPA and Coursework

First-time GTC students who graduated from high school in the last five years with a 2.6 or higher grade point average (GPA) may qualify for advanced course placement.

After review of official high school transcripts and GTC placement test scores, these students may be granted course waivers that allow them to enroll in higher-level Transitional Studies courses or directly into program or college-transfer courses.

Some students may be required to participate in refresher workshops or an online acceleration program prior to receiving a waiver. Students receiving a waiver may also be required to enroll in a College Skills or Freshman Seminar course.

Students who are eligible for the SC LIFE scholarship, which requires a graduating GPA of 3.0 or higher from a South Carolina high school, are strongly encouraged to contact the Orientation Center located in the ARC regarding waiver of prerequisite courses. Scheduling a waiver appointment could be advantageous to the student since the LIFE Scholarship will not cover tuition for Transitional Studies courses. Eligibility of the LIFE Scholarship is determined by the college’s Office of Financial Aid.

Accelerated Course Formats

To help students progress through courses as quickly as possible while also providing a solid foundation, GTC’s Transitional Studies department offers a variety of accelerated course options each semester. Students should consult their advisors to identify the best opportunities for acceleration. See Transitional Studies Department Placement Testing.