AET - Architectural Engineering Technology

AET 101  Building Systems I  (2-3-3)  

Offered Spring and Summer Semesters

Prerequisite: AET 110

Co-requisite: AET 103 (required)

This course is a study of fundamental concepts of design and construction techniques in residential, commercial and industrial building.

AET 103  International Building and Residential Codes  (2-3-3)  

Offered Spring and Summer Semesters

Prerequisite: AET 110

Co-requisite: AET 101 (required)

This course is an introduction to the international building codes and the international residential codes, as well as local code requirements.

AET 105  Construction Documents  (2-3-3)  

Offered Fall and Spring Semesters

This course covers the interpretation of residential, commercial and industrial building construction documents, including construction specifications, general conditions and construction industry symbols. Building construction terminology, contracts and the bidding process are also covered.

AET 110  Architectural Graphics I  (2-3-3)  

Offered Fall and Spring Semesters

This course is an introduction to the skills of architectural manual drafting. This course also includes development of drawing/visualization skills.

AET 111  Architectural Computer Graphics I  (2-3-3)  

Offered Fall and Spring Semesters

Co-requisite: CPT 170 or EGR 130 (required)

This course includes architectural/construction, basic computer-aided design commands and creation of construction industry symbols and standards.

AET 120  Architectural Graphics II  (1-6-3)  

Offered Spring Semester

Co-requisite: AET 125 (required)

This course requires the production of a set of working drawings of a residential or commercial building. Exercises incorporate construction methods, materials, building code requirements, site development and technical skills required to draw and graphically present projects.

AET 122  Basic Design Theory  (1-6-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Prerequisites: AET 110, ARV 110

Co-requisite: AET 221

This course will research the elements of design and incorporate ideas into simple design projects. Topics include developing written programs, diagrams and flow-charts, 2-D manual and CAD drawings, as well as 3-D models. Students will analyze and synthesize information to develop design skills.

AET 127  Building Information Modeling  (2-3-3)  

Offered Spring and Summer Semesters

This course is the study of Building Information Modeling (BIM) using industry-leading software. AutoDesk Revit and Navisworks software will be utilized.

AET 150  Preliminary Project Estimating  (1-3-2)  

Offered Summer Semester

Prerequisite: MAT 105

This course covers basic construction estimating concepts with the main focus on square footage costs and preliminary budget estimating procedures.

AET 201  Building Systems II  (2-3-3)  

Offered Spring Semester

Prerequisite: AET 101

This course covers mechanical systems, electrical systems and code requirements for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  Included in the course are structural concepts, cladding systems, concrete, masonry, roofing and steel systems.

AET 221  Architectural Computer Graphics II  (2-6-4)  

Offered Fall Semester

Prerequisite: AET 127

This course includes a study of CAD commands with architectural applications and routines. A complete set of working drawings of a residential or commercial building using the computer as the drafting tool will be produced.

AET 225  Architectural Design Senior Project  (2-6-4)  

Offered Spring Semester

Prerequisite: AET 122

Co-requisite: AET 231

This course introduces architectural design problems that focus on different architectural contexts, as well as structural principles and construction processes. Instruction will continue to develop students' communication skills via oral presentation and 2-D and 3-D visualization.

AET 231  Architectural Computer Graphics III  (2-6-4)  

Offered Spring Semester.

Prerequisite: AET 127

This course covers advanced CAD applications. A complete set of construction documents for a residential or commercial building, including a specification outline, is produced and presented.

AET 299  Applied Research in Architecture  (0-12-4)  

Offered Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

This course provides an opportunity for students to investigate a faculty-approved topic in the architecture discipline using the application of practical research methods and is an independent study. This course is designed for students in the Architecture Engineering Technology program to explore part of their major in more depth by working one-on-one or in small groups on faculty-or student-designed research projects.