BKP - Baking and Pastry

BKP 120  Bakeshop Production  (1-6-3)  

Offered Fall and Spring Semesters

Pre- or co-requisite: CUL 155

This course covers the applications of fundamentals and principles of basic baking. Emphasis is placed on skill development for quality commercial bakery products.

BKP 121  Cake Decorating and Finishing Techniques  (1-6-3)  

Offered Spring Semester

Prerequisites: BKP 120, CUL 155

This course covers the techniques and assembling used in finishing theme cakes and international cakes with a variety of mediums used in commercial bakeshops.

BKP 182  Artisan Breads  (1-6-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Pre- or co-requisite: BKP 120

This course introduces the fundamental skills, concepts and techniques of artisan bread baking. Use of sponges, wild yeast, bigas and poolish will be incorporated in making authentic rustic bread. Students will make an assortment of international breads as well as breads for special occasions.

BKP 183  Plated Desserts  (1-6-3)  

Offered Spring Semester

Prerequisite: BKP 120

This course focuses on the elements of modern dessert production and consumption. It stresses a thorough understanding and creation of all components of plated dessert production, using basic pastry principles.

BKP 220  Advanced Bakeshop  (1-6-3)  

Offered Summer Semester

Pre- or co-requisite: BKP 120

This course is a study of the preparation of advanced, classical and international pastries. Emphasis is placed on producing quality, commercial baked goods.