MFG - Manufacturing

MFG 101  Introduction to Manufacturing  (2-3-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

In this course, students examine manufacturing processes and systems, learn manufacturing terminology, assimilate workplace cultures and identify requirements to work effectively in a manufacturing environment. This course is a quantitative and qualitative study for the main manufacturing processes. It will illustrate how a design is turned into a manufacturing process. It will offer a detailed understanding of manufacturing processes that are used in the industry, such as mechatronics, CNC and welding. The course also includes quality assurance of manufacturing parts by inspection and testing.

MFG 110  Introduction to Manufacturing CAD  (2-3-3)  

Offered Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

Prerequisites: MAT 100 and RDG 100

This course introduces the basic skills and terminology required for the visualization, interpretation and sketching of 2D technical drawings used in the machine tool and manufacturing trades. The course includes an introduction to 3D CAD modeling and how CAD data supports manufacturing processes. The course emphasizes industrial and manufacturing applications utilizing 3D SolidWorks as the CAD software.

MFG 300  Manufacturing Processes and Application  (3-0-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Co-requisites: EGR 130, MAT 120 (required)

This course covers technologies and processes used in modern manufacturing. Engineering principles and technological concepts for diverse methods of production are introduced, including plastics processing, metal forming and other methods of manufacturing and materials processing.

MFG 310  Manufacturing Quality  (3-0-3)  

Offered Summer Semester

Prerequisites: EGR 130, MAT 110, MAT 120

This course introduces the principles of quality control and quality management systems in manufacturing environments. Various technologies used for dimensional and mechanical inspection are introduced, as well as industry certifications for quality assurance.

MFG 311  Work Design, Ergonomics and Safety  (3-0-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Prerequisites: MFG 300, MFG 310, MFG 330

This course covers the role of manufacturing management in maintaining a safe work environment. Topics covered include regulatory frameworks for safety and environmental management and the design of work cells and work plans to promote employee health and enhance productivity.

MFG 312  Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Management  (3-0-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Prerequisites: MFG 300, MFG 310, MFG 330

This course introduces students to concepts of enterprise resource planning (ERP) for manufacturing firms. Topics covered include product lifecycle management (PLM), change management, bill of materials management, purchasing and procurement. ERP and PLM software will be utilized.

MFG 313  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement  (3-0-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Pre- or Co-requisite: MAT 110 (or higher) (required)

This course focuses on supplier management and purchasing in the global economy. Strategic management concepts to control cost and quality in the procurement of goods and services will be applied and aligned to the business objectives. Students will examine make versus buy decisions, outsourcing, contract negotiation, taxation and supplier quality management.

MFG 314  Finance for Manufacturing  (3-0-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Pre or Co-requisites: MAT 110 (or higher) or MAT 120 (required)

This course introduces basic concepts, terminology and application of finance, accounting and economics as applied to the management of manufacturing firms. Financial analyses will be performed to identify and resolve business problems.

MFG 321  Advanced Manufacturing Lab I  (1-3-2)  

Offered Spring Semester

Co-requisite: MFG 340 (required)

This course introduces students to the principles of operation of metrology tools, CNC machine tools, metal forming and heat treatment.

MFG 322  Advanced Manufacturing Lab II  (1-3-2)  

Offered Summer Semester

Prerequisite: MFG 321

This course introduces the principles of operation of the tools of automation and process control, including electrical circuits, mechanical systems, sensors, robotics and programmable logic controllers.

MFG 323  Advanced Manufacturing Lab III  (1-3-2)  

Offered Fall Semester

Prerequisite: MFG 322

This course provides advanced applications in the operation of the plastics processing, metal casting and forging, 3D printing technologies, welding technologies, assembly and fabrication tools.

MFG 330  Manufacturing Project Management  (3-0-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Prerequisite: MFG 310

This course covers the fundamentals of project planning and execution in manufacturing environments. Students learn to define project requirements, identify subtasks, develop, build and manage a project schedule and budget, manage risk and close out a project.

MFG 340  Computer-Aided Design for Manufacturing Engineering  (2-3-3)  

Offered Spring Semester

Prerequisite: EGR 130

Co-requisite: MAT 110 (required)

This course covers construction and assemblies of three-dimensional objects using computer-aided design software, parametric modeling and tolerance analysis. Principles of machine design will be applied to translate these models into dimensioned and annotated drawings for manufacturing.

MFG 350  Production Process Planning  (3-0-3)  

Offered Fall Semester

Co-requisite: MFG 330 (recommended)

This course introduces the principles of planning, inventory control and supply chain management in manufacturing environments. Topics include the economics of production, workflows and documentation, facility considerations and overall operational efficiency.

MFG 360  Leadership in Manufacturing  (3-0-3)  

Offered Summer Semester

Co-requisite: MFG 330 (recommended)

This course covers theories of leadership and modern strategies of leadership development as applied in manufacturing environments. Topics include leadership styles, managing and leading change, team communication and ethics. Leadership concepts and skills will be applied in team settings.

MFG 370  Principles of Lean Manufacturing  (3-0-3)  

Offered Spring Semester

Prerequisites: MFG 300, MFG 310

This course covers the evolution of manufacturing systems, the principles and design of lean manufacturing systems and methods of continuous process improvement. Topics include operational models of manufacturing systems, statistical process control and the DMAIC problem-solving method.

MFG 401  Advanced Metrology  (3-3-4)  

Offered Fall Semester

This course covers geometric dimensioning and tolerance, accuracy and precision and dimensional metrology to ensure quality fit of manufactured parts. Other destructive and nondestructive testing techniques to quantify mechanical properties of manufactured components are introduced. Topics covered include programming and operating coordinate measurement machines, optical metrology systems and other precision measurement tools.

MFG 402  Additive Manufacturing  (3-3-4)  

Offered Fall Semester

This course covers the skills required to design and manufacture a part using industrial 3D printing technology, including metal additive manufacturing. Topics include metallurgy for additive manufacturing, post-processing design optimization, multi-jet printing and fuse deposition modeling.

MFG 403  Robotics & Automated Controls III  (3-3-4)  

Offered Fall Semester

This course covers skills required to implement and program complex robotic systems, including integration with vision, welding and other sensors, PLCs material conveyance, offline programming and system design. Collaborative mobile and other advanced robotics technologies will be covered.

MFG 404  Programmable Logic Controllers IV  (3-3-4)  

Offered Fall Semester

This course provides an overview of advanced programming techniques for controlling processes in today’s industries, as used by high-level control engineers and PLC program designers. This course is primarily for individuals who wish to work as a controls engineer or a high-level maintenance engineer.

MFG 481  Industry Capstone Project I  (0-6-2)  

Offered Fall Semester

Co-requisite: MFG 491 (required)

This course introduces systematic manufacturing process design concepts and focuses on problem definition, solution ideation, research, intellectual property concepts and risk assessment. Students will begin defining a real-world manufacturing challenge with industry sponsors and mentors.

MFG 482  Industry Capstone Project II  (0-6-2)  

Offered Spring Semester

Co-requisite: MFG 492 (required)

This course reinforces concepts of manufacturing technologies, lean manufacturing, project management and professional communications through an industry-sponsored capstone project. Students solve a real-world manufacturing challenge in teams, guided by industry and faculty mentors.

MFG 491  Advanced Manufacturing Senior Seminar I  (2-0-2)  

Offered Fall Semester

Co-requisite: MFG 481 (required)

This course introduces selected topics in manufacturing technology through independent research and lectures, guest speakers and site visits, including contemporary use of digital manufacturing technologies, advanced materials and modern software used by industry.

MFG 492  Advanced Manufacturing Senior Seminar II  (2-0-2)  

Offered Spring Semester

Prerequisite: MFG 491

Co-requisite: MFG 482 (required)

This course introduces selected topics in operational management principles, career skills, organizational development and conflict resolution through faculty lectures and guest presentations. Students will also present on an area of interest in developing advanced manufacturing technologies.