Tutoring Services

College data show that students who receive tutoring early in a course are more likely to meet their goals. Greenville Tech employs scores of tutors who provide free support for students in a wide range of subject areas.

The services offered through Academic Coaching & Tutoring are for students who wish to do better in their courses. Subject tutoring is provided on most campuses. Depending on subject matter and tutor availability, students may receive tutoring assistance through scheduled appointments, drop-in sessions, group or one-on-one tutoring, online sessions or workshops.  Students may request tutoring on their own or be referred by a faculty member.  Students may schedule tutoring appointments at https://www.gvltec.edu/1to1Tutoring/.

Additional tutoring for math, speech and writing is available through the Math and Writing Centers. Math and Writing Center services are provided at each campus, but hours and course availability may vary.

Additionally, via the Brainfuse® online tutoring service, any student can access free, real-time tutoring help or submit papers to the service’s writing center for review.

For more information about tutoring opportunities, visit https://www.gvltec.edu/tutoring-resources/.